Why Am I Learning Programming?

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Some Background

I have been working in the content and marketing field for almost 9 years now. My expertise is in content (or so I like to believe). Ask me for a content sample and I have one for every industry.

The Lost Opportunity

As the year progressed, I got the opportunity to work with this enormously talented person in tech. They are very particular about the things they want. This can become difficult for some but if you have the right perspective, such people help you come out of your comfort zone and grow.

What’s Happening Now?

Honestly, being rejected multiple times is bad but it is on me. I am not good enough, yet. Yet!

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Ulterior Motive

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  1. Scared, nervous and confused.
  2. Unsure about how I will make it happen.
  3. I have reached a new height of anxiety
  4. Got recently diagnosed with ADHD. That can’t be good either
  5. Still unapologetically optimistic!



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